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      Actionable Intelligence Group

What we do ... and how we do it

Actionable intelligence is information that can be acted upon, with the further expectation that actions should be taken.  Actionable intelligence, or actionable insight, is often referred to in the context of ‘big data’, inasmuch that the challenge inherent in the huge amounts of data being gathered is discovering elements within it that a business can exploit to improve performance. Actionable intelligence that helps a company get a competitive advantage in the marketplace is sometimes referred to as competitive intelligence.​​
  • Focus on a specific Business Improvement Opportunity, and identify the KPI”s,  which requires operational staff to make better, faster decisions. Sponsor authorizes a representative user group to drive a Proof of Concept

  • Users learn about visualization methodology and describe how they work today. KPI’s are clarified in operational terms, and user group feedback captured
  • First and subsequent iterations of the client Proof of Concept are built, together with booklet showing screens, descriptions, context, functional flow, data sources & Glossary

  • A 2-3 hour User Group meeting shows the latest version of the Proof of Concept to the user group, captures feedback and ideas and notes other issues
  • The Final Proof of Concept is presented to sponsor jointly by FYI and the User group, who confirm whether they feel confident that it helps them do their jobs more efficiently & effectively and helps the sponsor conclude that the business value proposition can be achieved​​

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